Monday, November 23, 2009

Duck Tales!

Reminds u of Hans Christian Andersen's Ugly Duckling Story?
As a result, we have this phrase meaning: One that is considered ugly or unpromising at first but has the potential of becoming beautiful or admirable in maturity.

In the picture above, we have a lovely Duck,
a Pekin Duck to be precise,
we spotted at the MTDC Resorts, Lonavala.

Pekin ducks are the domesticated ones, hopefully will not run wild and become feral (right Susan!)
bred either for eggs, meat or ornamental value.
Here at the Resort, me thinks it is kept purely for the visual treat.
We paddle, they swim around with their orange webbed feet n dredge.

There were 5 of them that day,
some fully white,
others with a tinge of grey and black
scattered over them.

 And yes! Donald Duck is inspired from the Pekins

In the Family
The Papa Duck: Mr. Drake
The Mama Duck: Mrs: Duck
The Kiddo Duck: Miss/Master Ducklings 

Scientifically, they belong to Anatidae. Swans n Geese are their close cusins.

Below is the picture of Swans, like the one our little Ugly Duckling grew into

Pic Courtesy: Swansh
The Pekin Duck Pic, like Govind says "it's the 'spotter' and 'shooter' at work again"

Good Day Folks!
Enjoy the last week of this Sweet November


  1. I'm first,YAY ! Now reading the post :)

  2. Yipeeeeeeeee U are indeed Nu:))

    U know what, I've been trying to look up a poem, a funny take on a dental visit. Anybody remembers do let me know...


  3. Very nice PNA... I always liked ducks.. they are beautiful.. their walk is really a comical one :) :)

  4. Nice pics .I dint know about the Donald Duck fact.Thanks for the nice post and gyan .

  5. Lovely pictures.
    Thanks for sharing the duck tales. I love ducks. We used to sing the song "Old McDonald had a farm.." when we were young and used to try walking like ducks do.

    Keep up the good work. Am glad to learn you had a great time.


  6. when it comes ducks,i like 'duck tales' , donald duck and duck fry :)

  7. Wow! Beautiful pics :)

    A happy week ahead to u too :)

  8. Not much into ducks and all. Though i like first pic. but the title made the "duck tale" song ring in my head.
    "ye hain duck tales..woooo woooo woooo " lol

  9. Nice pictures PnA :) Specially the Swans :) They look Love Swans :) heheheh

  10. Disclaimer: The swan pic isn'mine. Google Images,

    The Pekin Duck is ours...Spotted (PNA) n Shot (AB).


  11. Quack Quack..

    Since childhood I wanted to have ducks in my backyard ... one day I sure will raise them ! ;)

  12. Duck Tales indeed :D ... ... I remember one of houses in our locality where I grew up had a pair of these Pekin Ducks ... we kids used to enjoy a lot seeing them swimming around the pond....but didn't have much idea about them... Thanks for info about Donald Duck as well...

  13. Old MacDonald had a farm, and on his farm he had some Ducks!!

    Well, I love seeing these 100 or so ducks taken for their walk n feeding. The whole bunch duckwalking...

    Same pinch Anish. Its duck tales, Donald duck n Duck Roast for me:))

    Mr R, they are surely on my potential pet list also...

    That's what came into my mind too when I spotted them at the lake Blue Mist... duck tales n the ugly duckling

    Thank u Swaram :)))

    Nu, Love swans, yes, they look so beautiful na

    Chatterbox we sing it even now, en route to the picnic grounds. Nice song to get all involved. I like the other one too when u are happy n u know it clap ur hands :)))

    Kanagu, seriously they do have a peculiar walk, no wonder it does wonders to our thighs when we try to imitate n repeat it 16 times for 3 sets

    U're always welcome when u buying that train, I get a free ticket?

    I can just keep looking at them for hours together Dhiman

    Quack away...
    Until the next post


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