Saturday, December 24, 2005

tough decisions?!?!?!

I wonder, what would have happened to us if would be was non-existent in the English vocabulary. Next week, this time I would be in the train. Last to last Saturday, I was elated that I would be in the train towards home the following week, same time ……… And next Sunday, I would be wondering when I would board that train next, to restination - home again………………………… It happens to me all the time… the same thought flow, every time I book tickets for home………Surely I wouldn’t be that unique a creation to have such isolated thoughts! Every body’s mind except for those few who have forgotten all worry about tomorrow will be in a state of constant motion. The laws of Physics suit us so well. It looks like an arduous task to stay in the present …;) We are always dreaming………either in the nights (the best time when there isn’t any load on our minds)………or during the day (the worst time when the saw is right above our heads in various forms and voices) ……about Tomorrow, of course. The car I would buy or the house I would construct or if not anything else there is the stock market to worry about now – Shares - will the value go up will I be able to sell them?!! Should I buy those??!!! At office, Oh! The deadline is tomorrow..…I have to work ………………… We all seem to be in a constant state of worry (in motion as usual according to the law) ……no wonder myriads of us have or are prospective victims of high blood pressure, heart attack and all such depressive ailments. STD IX is when the worry period starts – Stage -1……… the engineering aspirants look up to IIT, I would be there for my Btech. The brilliants postal course for the JEE begins in 9th I believe. Std IX is not all that good either other subject wise too…History time is Civilization time and then one has no other source but to mug the text…all about Indus, Mesopotamia, the Romans the Greeks the British…. Mathematics is trigonometry time I guess, if I hadn’t learnt sines and cosines in an earlier class, you guys can fill in the rest. And to top it all, our seniors would have warned us, better enjoy yourself now, this is the last tension free year………so in comes the pressure to enjoy amidst all other would be Anxieties… My brother’s Physics tuition Sir would tell their STD XII batch “It would be a tough time for you all now… tuitions, entrance coaching, peer pressure, parental pressure, school pressure, your own pressure to do well…… still there is a consolation. (ah!!! the class thought at least one person understands our predicament J) ….all over India there are about 3 lakh students like you in the same mental state. You guys have company…” When in 9th it would be over after the STD X board exams, when in 10th it is the class XII board that matters…by the time one climbs till 12th suddenly the entrance exam and then one’s future would be made….what about after the great entry into the college of our dreams the final year exams and we would be somebody with a degree as a tail ….. Would bes continue. …till we get engaged and there is a would be spouse… I wonder when I would be in the company of present tense and its partners. …………Unborn Tomorrow………… ……………Dead Yesterday………… ………………Why fret………………… …… If today be sweet! ……… (The Persian Poet Omar Khayyam) I wonder when I would be would be-free…free from the use of these gerunds.


  1. Ok so if "would be" is non existent.."will have to".. 'would be' my jargon of choice.
    That is such a lovely quote!
    Have fun,Ash, is a lot better than we make it out to be.

  2. Morning EU.....yes

    "life is a lot better than we make it out to be "
    living with this attitude would make life more satisfactory and livable for many ....

    yup and life s full of options too ...which again makes it a lot better

    cya and merry christmas my dear EU ...ENjoy ....
    love n kisses

  3. Hiee Achu..Gud morning..
    Fantastic post,dear..
    "the answer is no" is direct: "the answer would be no" is oblique..
    Btw...have a nice day..and
    Merry Christmas to you,mate..

  4. acepting ur views folk
    but still women are struggling to come up in their life...hope our next generation wont face any prob what current generation facing..
    ya its all upto our mind.
    thanks for dropping ur words:-)

  5. Hey Ash..its was so nice of you to leave your greetings.I wish you the same.Have a great Christmas.See you later! Have fun girl.

  6. Nice one Ash!!
    Hope the Professors in UK @ the Oxford 'would be' listening 2 what u've got 2 say here!! Jus kidding...It was a good one frm U..

    Wish U N all the fellow bloggers out here, a Merry Xmas n a Happy New Year!!

  7. awwww..

    dnt remind about IX and sciences!

    anyways.. Merry Christmas!!

  8. Ahh could relate to that.

    I loved 9th std. 10th was kinna boring ... 11th super cool ... and screwed up my 12th . Yeah my physics tuitions sir did predict that ... lol

    Yeah lotta would bez ...

    but then how boring would our lives be without those would bez ... isnt it?

    Merry Christmas btw!! :)

  9. We had a nice walk through down the memory lane of yours.
    Merry christmas.

  10. May Lovely,
    Happy Times,
    Decorate your
    Holiday Season,
    May Warm, Special
    Memories, Brighten your
    New Year, May the wonder of
    Christmas be with you forever.

  11. Nostalgic ! :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's !

  12. the lines from Khayyam are too gud.. but, as u say.. we r always bothered abt those would be-s of future.. tht we forget to enjoy the present..
    So, now lets enjoy this christmas season..... :)
    Wish you Merry Christmas.... Have a fantastic day.. :)

  13. Always felt this way...n HAPPY XMAS n NEW YEAR!!

  14. hope you had a nice time ! :)

    certain words we can't


  15. yea ...thats right....toooo many would be;s in life...
    nice post!

  16. *grin*

    ur so right! guess we can never stop dreamin or stop achieving 'soemthing':)

  17. Hey mates ......
    how have u guys been ......
    christmas was a lot of fun ..with a cousin's marriage on that day as an extra bit of celebration.

    af....ya that is a lot of would bes in our life i guess u have night shifts often ?
    and how is the baby coming ......

    Rohini hey girl what have u been up to these days .listening ot music and posting them no ur feels gr8 to do nothing sometimes ......otherwise we'll be thinking of that something

    ČħéèŝŶ.ŦēřmiŦę hey girlie .9th and 11th were rocking years .....a little less rocking were 10th and 12th......
    but i guess we'll haevt o do everything at the same time .rock the books the floor and our lives ....


  18. Hi there folks .......
    i guess it is nostalgia in one sense rebel_on_loose ...hows bombay and goa.

    welcome to my space
    prasad, priyanka ammu nanyaar

    Prasad i love these lines by Khayyam to. ......

    nanyaar same 2 u. staying away from the family on ocassions like these ..sometimes it gets to us and the phone becomes the only source of relief .enjoy the season ...

    thanks for dropping by cya around

    yes Vishnu totally agree with u .certain words we become addicted to them

    vivek......shd be elated now that dada is back in the squad .when is the party?

    RoHIT .....I know the feeling .i guess everybody would. as STD X and XII have been our hardest working years that too with the pressure ...should be happy we pulled it off it so well .....

    take care
    Huggggs N greeting to all of u N ur families

  19. Hey See I can Comment without any problem..................

  20. hey Ash why y change template? not an bad idea!


  21. 'Would be' sounds too formal and indecisive...

    Where I 'Want to be' is what i care about...

  22. "would be"..??

    "would be"..???

    buddy ash - are you dreaming 'bout someone ? :D

  23. Hmmm.. I've never thought about "would be". But I think till a certain extent it's a good phrase to use. :)

  24. hey ash - how tough was the decision to change the template btw ? ;)

  25. LOL, Ash I have seen 3 different templates today!!!!!????

  26. hmmmm....if "would be" would be your thingi then "yea" would be mine. It's really quite funny, but the moment we notice somebody else repeating a word a little too often and point it out, it gets on to you! so like you start sharing this whole word problem wid dem.

    Seriously it happens so many times's not even funny!hehe
    hope u enjoyed christmas!

  27. Surprise.

    Believe it or not...i do the same thing...!

    Break it...

    Everybody does the same.

    keep postin i would be coming back..

  28. Ash,
    You are thinking like a zen monk, whose only preoccupation is to live this moment fully.
    Hope you had a great holiday.
    Take care.

  29. what's happening,dear? How r u? long time no see!!
    And changed template?

  30. ash the invincible... turned ash the invisible..

    where u buddy ? no signs.. ??

  31. u changed that template again there!!!

  32. Ganga...Bhanu ...EU...Het ......

    its new year right sso thougth there shoudl be a change .in my space at blogsphere too ...the looks changed kind of erratically under my undecided hands...
    it was a very tough decision bhanu buds i had fallen in love with my baby toons ....

    He ur vacation over i guess it was my time to go on one, staying at home .......a vacation on a vacation ....

    Hai Japna .......
    good to see u here ......
    and no more changes in a long time.. maybe to the template ....

    Kannan .....i liked ur talk with Samadhan..and good that u would be coming back ;)

    Hai Varkey .....
    Good to see a Keralite authentic name ...after a long time ...
    HappyNew Year,Take care

  33. hey Pppl .
    happy new year to all of you ..
    my comp is behaving strangely nowadays a coordination mistake i guess between the key board and the screen (now that's what i understood from my little bit of comp literacy )

    so unable to type in for a long time good it is not giving way now .......

    cya alla and more in my 75th post from the new year or from home if this thing works well enough .......

    take care and love u all

  34. have A Great n Fabulous New Year 2006..
    seems u r enjoying changing lots of templates... gud.. enjoy the change.. :)

  35. >>my comp is behaving strangely...
    Resistant to change templates ;)

    are you playing with templates :)



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