Thursday, September 1, 2005

The net is down and people wonder what to do!!!!

The net is down and people wonder what to do!!!!

We guys are so dependent on the internet that if it stops working we are done for. That’s the seen in office when the net is done and you have no thing to do except blog. Now being optimistic I don’t have double thoughts about its submission or not.

So, some things just come to our lives and they become so much part of it that we think it was for here ever. But that’s the way with every thing - the TV, the fridge and the computer and now the internet. Going back to the history of the internet it was built by the American military, if my memory is not so prone to forgetfulness. And here we are nowadays using it as a resource to access anything.

It is very very useful but every thing is like a coin which has two sides. And the net is no exception to it.

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